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Michele Iorfida-Pensado's Place Studio Tour-Into The Lair #161

We are so proud to have been included in this piece on Michele Iorfida's studio in Los Angeles. This is the latest episode from Pensado's Place featuring the wonderful Italian Producer. Its a great feature that includes a 15 minute tour of every piece of gear in his studio..and boy does he have a lot! This is oscillator and outboard gear heaven and its awesome.

Tune in as he discusses being an international music presence, how gear influences his music, and his decision to move into a studio at the Fab Factory.

Michele's collection of gear is the "crème de la crème".

Go here to watch the video.

You can see us here 11:20 mark.

Go here to watch the entire 54 minute episode:

Go here to watch the 1 minute episode of Batters Box:

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