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AT-3 MIC PRE REVIEW with Christian Svedin

Its all about tubes and transformers with the AT-3 mic pre amplifier now available Features include a custom Hi-Low Z Sowter transformer for a wide range of microphones types producing added tone and character when matched or un-matched in the usual way. Direct in high impedance input for guitar, bass, keys and a balanced line input is switched for the front and back panels. Its classic 1950s electronics design features a 7025/ECC83 rigidized dual triode tube wired as a standard cascaded gain stage using a high quality single non inductive hot molded carbon pot for gain. A 12bh7 output tube is wired as a cathode follower for the transformer output. The AT-3 also features 2 Lundahl transformers for balanced line in and line out. (LL1935 & LL1940)

Front panel functions include a 75hz high pass filter, 15db pad, phantom power and phase change.

Low noise linear power is always at the heart of good audio. The AT-3 provides a well regulated onboard supply with voltage adjustable heaters. All illuminated front panel switching with signal routing at board level for a more direct signal path.

This is a stand-alone desktop preamp designed to fit as a pair within a standard 19" rack.

Switchable 120/240 operation

We make things at Dean Street Studios💖

AT Series limiters and mic pres

Run for life and run for ever.

Made-in-Soho "Forever Wired" 💖Love 🆓life


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