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Red Amp Studios-"The look on their faces is worth the price of admission!"

When Jody Boyd, owner of Red Amp Audio in Richmond Virginia, called us little did we know what he was going to request. He threw Simon a curve ball and gave him a color request for fire engine red! Simon graciously accepted the request and made it happen. As you can see red is a fitting color for the Red Amp facililty and allows Jody's AT-101 to blend into the surroundings.

Here is a recent quote from Jody: "The compressor is great for tracking but for me, it really shines on the mix bus. I love to have it bypassed when clients come in to hear their mixes. I let a few bars go by and then restart the tune with unit turned on. The look on their faces makes the AT 101 worth the price of admission! I can't wait to hear the new AT 1!!!!"

You can visit Jody's website here: You can also read more quotes and comments in our owners and users section as well as the reviews and video page.

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