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Fairchild 660x2 Serial numbers 36 and 101!

There is a new studio coming to the Miami area soon which promises to stand out as one of the most unique studios to ever grace the recording scene. (I should know because I grew up in Miami) So what will be so special about this studio? It will have some of the most sought after vintage gear. The owner Alex Pizzorni who built this studio holds true to himself that vintage analogue sound and has an insatiable lust for the gear that creates it.

He is a true collector and lover of gear and uses all of this eqipment for production work and projects. Alex relocated his studio facility in 2014 from Los Angeles to Miami and we will post an official announcement of his new studio - which is currenty under construction - when it launches soon.

Here are a few notes on the photos below that he sent us;

Fairchild 660 x 2: Serial #36 and Serial #101

Teletronix La1 Serial #6 and Serial #8

CBS Levy Pultecs and UA175 made in the 1960's by CBS. Serial #1 and #2

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