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AT Series limiters - make it louder!

Unique and original AT-101 stereo limiters give you more with balanced HPF side-chain filters, dont let the bass control your program and fit independently variable 12db/oct side chain filters. Its adaptable filtering that controls the way your VCA works for original AT series compressors and original Fairchild 670s perfectly complementing the control amplifier in either case. This option is now available as a retro fit for the AT-101s and 670s.

Features with all AT-101 stereo models include;

1/ Switched left-right bypass

2/ Switched mid-side processing

3/ Stepped AC threshold (40 steps @ 1%/div)

4/ VCA standby switching

5/ HPF side-chain filters L+R independently variable and switchable 350>20hz

All models mono and stereo come with original 1950's "Vector" wiring turrets from the golden age of electronics and we love them. The use of this manufacturing technology allows for mounting of discrete components in a logical, simple and organised way that are easy to test before installation.

The unique features of these compressors allow for all types of instrument and program to sit up front sounding fatter and bigger in the mix adding depth, dimension and clarity by gluing the image together making these natural sounding and dynamic compressors indispensable tools for your music studio.

These models have 20 tubes and 11 transformers 100hrs of build time and 2 weeks burn in. All wiring is point-to-point.

Accept no substitutes! Multi functional non linear dynamic audio compression will bring your music to life. | "Forever Wired" 💖Love 🆓life and 🎼music |


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