Here you can find some examples of complete worked titles and stemmed tracks from a cross section of artists and musical styles. The first 5 of which are below. These are combinations of the AT-1 Mono Limiter and AT-101 Stereo Limiters use which show the Compression and De-essing capabilities of both mono and stereo units. 1/ No AT-1 or AT-101 compression and no De-ess (bypass), 2/ AT-­1 Compression but no De-ess,  3/ AT-­101 Compression but no AT-1 De-ess, 4/ AT-­101 Compression and AT-­1 as a De-esser with the side chain signal as a copy with an extreme eq boost connected to the 'Key' insert input. Other examples on this page include subtle recordings using parallel compression whilst others are straight across the mix bus and some are passed through the AT-101 using attenuation only and no compression (unity) Where there is no indication the signal is in bypass.



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