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Music Connections review of the Lovebomb - A tube guitar pedal by Stand Alone Productions X Analoguetube - August 2022

Designed out of a collaboration between music producer and professional Guitar player Gareth Johnson of Stand Alone Productions and Simon Saywood of Analoguetube, the Love Bomb is an all-analog distortion / preamp pedal like none other I’ve ever heard..

Abbey Road mastering and Miles Showell reviews the Analoguetube AT-101 Tube compressor - March 2019

Analoguetube is a London-based company started by technical engineer Simon Saywood. Having painstakingly stripped and re-built an original Fairchild 670 compressor, Simon investigated the possibilities of producing new units to closely model the original design..


Audio-File Magazine and Deborah Skeldon reviews Analoguetube's AT-3 tube mic pre - January 2019

Analoguetube has launched a new AT-3 desktop tube and transformer microphone pre amplifier, it has switchable Mic-Line and DI

inputs. The AT-3 has a simple and robust design that allows for all modern and vintage microphone types to bring character and warmth to your recordings whilst adding colour and texture with the use of all types of new old stock tubes available on the market today.

サウンド&レコーディング・マガジン 2018年3月号 【特集】 日本の気鋭ビート・メイカー / リットーミュージック

Prt 1 AT-101 Review Sound & Recording Magazine Japan March 2018 Issue [Tokushu] Nippon No Kiei Beat May Car

Prt 2 AT-101 Review Sound & Recording Magazine Japan March 2018 Issue [Tokushu] Nippon No Kiei Beat May Car


Pro Sound News Europe interview 2017 interviews Analoguetube - April 2017 [Page 28]

Dave Robinson interviews Analoguetube: Analoguetube recreates the Fairchild compressors

"There are a few compressors (and Fairchild wannabes) available on the audio market, but none “like Analoguetube, built to the original Fairchild design”

Sound On Sound Sphere LA, Los Angeles  - December 2016

Running a successful multi-room recording facility is challenging at the best of times, and relocating such a studio to a different continent is in an entirely different league of difficulty! This, however, is what Francesco Cameli has done. 

AudioXpress interview 2016 interviews Analoguetube - February 2016

Q&A by Shannon Becker interviews Analoguetube: Recreating the Fairchild legends [P35]

Doctor Mix AT-101 review - August 2015

The Analogue Tube AT-101 is a modern no-compromise recreation of the renowned, but incredibly hard to come by, Fairchild 670 stereo compressor.


AT-1 Mono Unit Review by George Shilling for Resolution Magazine - October 2014

"Let's face it, we'd all want a Fairchild but there aren't enough to go around and this has spawned remakes and remodels. George Shilling discovers possibly the last word in a modern equivalent.


AT-1 Mono Unit Review by Wes Maebe for Mix Magazine - September 2014

"This is an excellent replica of the original Fairchild 660 in shape and function, and it makes me think back to tape. It looks like an original, it sounds like an original, it’s cheaper than buying an original today, and it’ll require a lot less maintenance. Every studio should have one."


Analoguetube AT-101 Stereo Limiter Review By Barry Rudolph for Mix Magazine - September 2010
"All of the typical complaints from the “in-the-box” mix naysayers vanished, as the overall mix instantly gelled with a rich and super-warm sheen."


Gear Stories With Sylvia Massy for Mix Magazine - December 2010
"...the one unit that seems to be the most honest, accurate reproduction of the stereo 670 seems to be the Analogue Tube AT-101. Just like the original, the AT-101 uses eight of the 6386 tubes. In fact, the developer behind the AT-101, Simon Saywood, worked directly with JJ Electronics to put the impossible-to-find 6386 back into production."

Full Review by Marc Maes for Pro Sound News - September 2010

"I don't think I've ever heard a beautiful tone like this machine in any other machine."

Audio Pro International, Wes Maebe - December 2009
"Whatever you put through this work of art, you end up with a fuller, smoother lower end and an old-fashoned quality combined with a fresh and modern clarity."

Mixonline - Tech: New Products - September 2009

"Vintage Gain Crusher The AT-101 is a faithful re-creation of the original Fairchild."

Resolution Magazine, George Shilling encounters what he judges to be the definitive recreation - November 2008
"Every original 670 is different in sonic character, and sometimes those with older components can add a desirable crunch. But even the smoothest, best maintained units add some character and the AT-101 is no exception, albeit at the smoother end of the scale of my experiences with original units. The low end seems to stop waffling around and becomes tamed yet warm, levels can be compressed by needle-bending amounts with just a touch of extra richness, and a super magical sheen engulfs the top end. Everything glows and flows a little more and across the mix the AT-101 frequently turns the mix into a ‘record’. You immediately realise that you have stopped gritting your teeth and started enjoying the music rather more. "


Sound On Sound, Fairchild 670 reborn for the 21st century - November 2008

"Simon Saywood might just be a living legend. He has, seemingly single-handedly, produced a faithful recreation of what's regarded by many as the king of compressors: the Fairchild 670."

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