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AT-1 mono limiters Mark Yastishok Heart of David Music
Analoguebaby 2017 AB1007 and AB1008 (3)
AB1007-8 studio C front end on 1
First 6386 development tubes
First 6386 production tubes
Custom Blue AT-101 Stereo Limiter
Custom AT-101 Red Amp Studios
Custom AT-101 Red Amp Studios
Custom AT-101 Red Amp Studios
Pre Production chassis AT-1 Limiters
AT-101 Stereo Limiter
Top internal View AT-101 Limter
Pre Productio Internal AT-101
Production view AT-101
Attack-Release switches
Original Vector Turret wiring
Original Vector Turret wiring
Original Vector Turret wiring
6386 Tubes s/n 001-002
JJ Electronic 6386 Data Sheet
Custom AT-101 Stereo Limiters USA



Modifications are generally for the stereo AT-101 as the mono AT-1 comes fully fitted with all of it's available options. Colored panel requests are available for both models.


Standard features for the stereo AT-101 units are;

1/ Bypass switching

2/ Lat/Vert switching (mid-side processing)

3/ VCA standby

4/ Stereo link


12db/oct variable HFP side-chain filter

Stepped AC threshold (40 steps @ 1%/div)


Case - Pelican 0370



  • Original 1db per step ‘T’ Attenuators (21 step total)

  • Original complement of 20 tubes types

  • Fully transformer balanced audio path

  • Newly developed 6386 Triode tubes– new feature

  • VCA standby– new feature

  • 12db/oct variable HFP side-chain filter – new feature

  • 5 &12 Watt Non-Inductive Wire-Wound resistors throughout Audio Path

  • Original Non-Inductive Pots throughout

  • Original Anode supply

  • Original CVT heater supply

  • Improved heater supply – new feature

  • Polypropylene film capacitors throughout

  • Silver Mica capacitors – new feature

  • PTFE ‘Point to Point’ wiring throughout – new feature

  • Ceramic Tube sockets throughout – new feature

  • Stereo Link switch fitted – new feature

  • Top and Bottom panel Torque Master hinges - new feature

  • Original front panel

  • New Chassis Design – new feature

  • Large Knobs

  • Original Meters Simpson Electric metering

  • XLR Chassis mounting connectors – new feature

  • Specially made Sowter audio transformers throughout - new feature

  • Switched IEC mains socket - new feature

  • US & EUK adjustable - new feature


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