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Production export USA. 1 Pair of AT-1 Mono Limiters fully custom anodized in Celery Green. Both unit

Analoguetube builds and manufacture's classic tube technology of the 1950's and 60's using traditional electronic methods with parts that are sourced commercially and that are commonly available. The AT-1 provides a repeatable *stepped* 21 position AC threshold control particularly useful when linking 2 units together and recalling tracks. The control has 21 steps with a 1% accuracy per division. The External *Key* input provides access to the compressor side chain input with a 2nd transformer balanced input and is particularly useful for de-essing, Ducking and recording Stems. The AT-1 has a switch-able stereo link where you can link 2 or more units together for linked operation. The link operation is the same as the stereo AT-101 units where either left or right channel has control in practice though it is best to allow both controls to have adjustment when stereo link is selected. Side chaining also opens all sorts of possibilities. For example in Key-Input mode a heavily EQ signal is fed into the control signal i/p so only when selected frequencies appear at the ext key i/p does the compressor kick in. In this mode the compressor can also be used as a De-esser, also reducing the level of annoying vocal sibilance in the range of 6-9 kHz. This arrangement involves a standard AT-1 compressor and an equalizer by feeding a 6-9 kHz-boosted split copy of the original signal into the external i/p input or side-chain of the compressor. Finally the AT-1 has a full bypass function where the unit can be switched fully out of the signal chain during operation. Finally, these units are fitted -as standard- with CVT transformers that provide a regulated heater voltage for the critical 6386 GR tubes during operation as the original Fairchild 660 models did. These transformers are custom wound and hand made.

Analoguetube's mission has always been to build life back to products that have for many years been unavailable. With a unique emphasis on manufacturing that focuses workmanship, attention to detail and an open ended commitment to customer satisfaction we believe that once you own Analoguetube products you own them for life.

Simon Saywood - CEO Analoguetube Ltd

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