Win a Fairchild 670 Compressor Recreation!


As many of you know, the Fairchild 670 stereo limiter is one of the most coveted pieces of audio gear in history. No other design has been able to match the luscious, deep character it provides to a track or entire mix. They are extremely rare and sell for £25,000 and up! The Fairchild 670 is considered to be one of the finest compressor designs in audio history.


Well the reviews are in and it has been widely agreed that Analoguetube makes the most accurate version of the famous Fairchild 670 in the world!


"...the one unit that seems to be the most honest, accurate reproduction of the stereo 670 seems to be the Analogue Tube AT-101." - Sylvia Massy -


"Because in a race, the new one will win. Don't misunderstand me folks, I LOVE the Fairchild 670. Despite being around 60 years old a well maintained example is still an awesome beast. But I have yet to hear a 670 that I would take in preference to an AT-101!"

- Miles Showell - Abbey Road Mastering


Analoguetube is proud to announce a raffle for the release of a special custom limited edition mastering grade AT-101stereo limiter. Valued at £30,000 this AT-101 stereo limiter is entirely hand made and completely customised with gold anodizing on 5005 grade aluminium throughout. Analoguetube manufacturers compressor tube technology from the 1950's and 60's that use all original tubes and parts with long-lasting, close tolerance and non inductive components for the modern world.  All of our compressors come with lifetime warranties.  |  controlling your dynamics (a preamp is not a compressor though)


Here's what you get!

  • Analoguetube AT-101 Fairchild 670 Recreation

  • Bypass Swtiching

  • Stepped AC Threshold (1% per div 21 steps)

  • Lat/Vert Switching Matrix

  • Stereo Linking

  • Anodized Gold 5005 Grade Aluminium Throughout with Black Infill

  • Ultra Quiet 1u Fan Rack with Custom Anodizded Gold Panel

  • Anodised Black Tube Covers

  • Peli 0370 IATA Rated Transit Case

  • Lifetime Warranty!

  • Free Shipping and Customs Duties paid for to Your Doorstep!

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