AT-1 mono limiters Mark Yastishok Heart of David Music
Analoguebaby 2017 AB1007 and AB1008 (3)
AB1007-8 studio C front end on 1
First 6386 development tubes
First new 6386 production tube
Custom Blue AT-101 Stereo Limiter
Custom AT-101 Red Amp Studios
Custom AT-101 Red Amp Studios
Custom AT-101 Red Amp Studios
Pre Production chassis AT-1 Limiters
AT-101 Stereo Limiter
Top internal View AT-101 Limter
Pre Productio Internal AT-101
Production view AT-101
Attack-Release switches
Original Vector Turret wiring
Original Vector Turret wiring
Original Vector Turret wiring
6386 Tubes s/n 001-002
JJ Electronic 6386 Data Sheet
Custom AT-101 Stereo Limiters USA



Modifications are generally for the stereo AT-101 as the mono AT-1 comes fully fitted with all of it's available options. Colored panel requests are available for both models.


AT-101 Stereo Compressor Mod Options


1. Stepped AC Thresholds

2. Stereo Bypass switching

3. Lat/Vert Matrix switching

4/ VCA Standby switching


Case - Pelican 0370



  • Original 1db per step ‘T’ Attenuators (21 step total)

  • Original complement of tubes

  • Fully transformer balanced audio path

  • Newly developed 6386 Triode tubes– new feature

  • Visual temperature indication – new feature

  • 5 &12 Watt Non-Inductive Wire-Wound resistors throughout Audio Path

  • Original Non-Inductive Pots throughout

  • Original Anode supply

  • Original CVT heater supply

  • Improved heater supply – new feature

  • Hovland Musicap Polypropylene film capacitors throughout – new feature

  • Silver Mica capacitors – new feature

  • PTFE ‘Point to Point’ wiring throughout – new feature

  • Ceramic Tube sockets throughout – new feature

  • Stereo Link switch fitted – new feature

  • Over temperature electronics – new feature

  • Simpson Electric metering

  • Top and Bottom panel torque hinges - new feature

  • Original front panel

  • New Chassis Design – new feature

  • Large Knobs

  • Original Meters

  • XLR Chassis mounting connectors – new feature

  • Specially made Sowter audio transformers throughout - new feature

  • Switched IEC mains socket - new feature

  • US & EUK adjustable - new feature


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Custom AT-101 Red Amp Studios

Red Amp is the place to go if you are a band or recording artist looking to lay down tracks, an indie film in need of sound mixing, or if you want to create TV or radio commercials. Our friendly folks have decades of experience composing original music, creating sound design, and recording and mixing for our local, regional, and national clients. Original Custom Colour: Firenze Red AT-101 stereo Limiter in production.

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